My interests

Favorite things

🌿 Nature
🌺 Aesthetics
🌈 Soft pastel colors
🐈 Kitty kats :3
😂 Funny stuff
🎮 Gaming
🎨 Art
💕 Cutesy things
💞 Kaomojis (´・ω・`)
❄ Winter
📻 Retro stuff
🛏 Coziness
🌱 Tranquility
🦆 Ducks

Franchises I enjoy

Main interests🍃 風のクロノア|Klonoa
🌟 星のカービィ|Kirby
💫 ポケモン|Pokémon
🍄 スーパーマリオ|Super Mario
🕺バストアムーブ|Bust a Groove
Other🩷 プリキュア|Pretty Cure
👊🏻 鉄拳|Tekken
👻 妖怪ウォッチ|Yokai watch
🏡 どうぶつの森|Animal Crossing
🥁 太鼓の達人|Taiko no tatsujin
🎀 サンリオ|Sanrio
🥐 サンエックス|San-X
🫧 バブルボブル |Bubble Bobble

Favorite foods・drinks

🍕 Pizza
🍎 Fruits and veggies🥕
🍰 Cakes (especially cheesecake and chocolate cake)
🍮 Pudding
🥤Milkshake (either vanilla or choccy :p)
🍝 Pasta (especially spaghetti and pesto pasta)
🍵 Tea ・Milktea / bubble tea🧋
🍞 Bakery foods 🥐
🥔 Potatoes 🍟

Comfort characters

Klonoa, Lolo, Popka, Nightmare Klonoa, Huepow, Suiryu and Karal
Kirby, Elfilin, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee
VOCALOID / UTAU(I actually enjoy alot of them but here are some of my most favorites)Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Kasane Teto, Otomachi UnaSuper Mario
Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach
Sanrio(Same goes for Sanrio characters so I'm naming some personal favs)Hello Kitty, Kuromi, My Melody, Wish me Mell, CinnamorollYokai watch
Jibanyan, Komasan, Jibakoma, Hovernyan
MiscellaneousShorty and Columbo (Bust a Groove)
Lucky Luke
Bub & Bob (Bubble bobble)

Comfort ships

Klonoa x Lolo
Klonoa x Nightmare
KirbyKirby x Ribbon
Kirby x Elfilin
Kirby x Dark Kirby
Super MarioMario x Peach
Luigi x Daisy


Fake people (I developed trust issues due of that)Flashing lights / imageryLoud noises and people quarrelingHomophobia (I support LGBT and I will die on this hill)Stupid "jokes", insults, shitty takes and hate towards my comfort characters or shipsHate or rudeness towards my friendsAI brosPedosRacismNSFWFetishesHorrorBugs (I have entomophobia)Ableism (I'm disabled)DramaSoulless corporateCookie Run (personal reasons)Dark theme in apps (I prefer light theme cuz white text on black hurts my eyes)Pickles and pungent tasting stuffOverrated characters / series
(I'm more into obscure stuff tbh, overrated stuff bore me and / or I don't grow a special attachment (It doesn't apply on stuff I grew up with (ex. Mario, Pokémon, etc)